Economy News

The Federal Reserve released its latest minutes this week, showing “significant progress” in reducing inflation. Investors interpreted the news as a less onerous tightening of monetary policy. However, the central bank is expected to continue raising the benchmark interest rate.

Inflation may be going down, but wages have yet to catch up. Central bankers are trying to tame the rising cost of living while avoiding risks that would slow growth.

A circular economy is a better way to meet growing demand for goods and services without creating waste. This enables communities to keep nature in place while also preventing the loss of valuable resources.

A “circular economy” makes reuse of products and materials possible, and curbs the ratcheting up of greenhouse gas emissions. It also boosts recycling.

In addition, the European Union has just released its latest data on inflation in the eurozone. The statistics show that the consumer price index increased by 10.0% year over year in November. That’s a lot, but it hasn’t peaked yet.

Meanwhile, the UK’s Prime Minister announced he was committed to halving inflation in the country and boosting growth. Unfortunately, there are still serious issues with the economy. Among them, an escalating labour shortage.

Other important economy news includes the UK’s housing market. Housing values in the country remain well above average. Despite this, a survey shows there was a significant improvement in the number of job openings. Statistics Canada says the increase was bigger than it looks.