ITC Market Analysis Tools

ITC Market Analysis Tools are a collection of web-based tools created by the International Trade Centre (ITC). These tools are designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries identify opportunities in new markets. The tools are free to use. They are offered through the ITC’s Transparency in Trade program.

The tools include a Market Access Map, a Market Requirements Map and a Trade Map. They are available online and offer a comprehensive picture of global trade.

The tools also provide useful insights into national trade performance and regional trade. For example, the Map reveals the potential exports from a country. It is an interactive tool based on ITC’s export potential and diversification assessment methodology.

Other market analysis tools created by ITC include the Standards Map, which helps users to understand the requirements for a set of standards. The HSI Interactive is a helpful tool that compares tariffs across different markets. It also identifies applicable regulatory requirements.

The tools are a good way to ensure that SMEs are making good trade decisions. Similarly, the ITC Market Access Map is a good way to make better sense of tariff regimes. Using direct and indirect data, it provides a graphical display of rules of origin and levels of protection in the destination market.

A well-rounded tool kit is essential for low income countries to become competitive. ITC’s suite of market analysis tools is an important part of its Transparency in Trade programme.